Simple Balance Exercise for Pregnancy

  1. Stand adjacent to a wall (wearing fitness shoes) with your left fingertips gently touching the surface of the wall.
  2. Step forward onto your right foot, bringing your left foot to your right ankle.
  3. Keep your fingertips lightly touching the wall until you have established good balance, then release contact.
  4. Stay balanced on your right foot for several seconds. If your ankle begins to wobble, bring your fingertips back onto the wall.
  5. Step backward onto your left foot, bringing your right foot to left ankle. Release contact with the wall.
  6. Stay balanced on the left foot for several seconds. Bring your fingertips back to the wall if needed.
  7. Turn around, place your right fingertips on the wall and repeat the entire sequence on the other side. (Step forward onto your left foot first.)
  8. After this balance sequence becomes easy, perform the exercise with bare feet.
  9. To increase the challenge, close your eyes while balancing.