During Pregnancy the App:

  • Accurately calculates your pregnancy metabolism and your specific ideal daily calorie target for all three trimesters.
  • Assesses pre-pregnancy weight and BMI (body mass index) with your gestation week, and over all rate of gain as pregnancy advances.
  • Dynamically graphs your gain by week so that you can spot trends, take action, and discuss any problems with your OBGYN.

After Pregnancy the App:

  • Accurately calculates your postpartum metabolism and your specific ideal daily calorie target.
  • Calculates your specific metabolic rate throughout each trimester and up to one year postpartum.
  • Assesses the rise and fall of breast milk production, over the course of one year, with your BMI, current weight, and your rate of loss, so that you can safely lose any unwanted pounds while safeguarding milk supply.
  • Dynamically graphs your rate of loss so that you can stay motivated as you approach your goal weight.

More Benefits:

  • Improves maternal and fetal health.
  • Reduces prenatal risk factors.
  • Safe, accurate, affordable.
  • Conforms to NIH (National Institute of Health) and ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) guidelines for prenatal weight gain.
  • Combines proprietary algorithms with the metabolic formula that ACE (the American Council on Exercise) considers the most accurate for women.
  • No annoying ads.
  • No tracking.
  • Privacy Guaranteed. BeFit-Mom will never sell or share your information with a third party.

Every woman worries about weight gain during pregnancy and weight loss after childbirth. Both gaining too much and not enough during pregnancy pose serious health risks for mom and baby that can have negative health impacts for years to come.

It’s estimated that almost 70% of women in the US do not meet prenatal weight gain guidelines set by the National Institute of Health. Four out of five of these women gain more than recommended, while one in five gain too little.

Women who gain too little are at increased risk for having uterine growth restriction, low birth weight babies with neurological delays and other serious health problems, as well as maternal bone loss, muscle loss, tooth loss, and lowered basal metabolism.

Women who start pregnancy over their ideal weights are the most likely to over gain, placing them at increased risk for gestational diabetes, large for gestational age babies, the need for C-section or other labor interventions, pre-eclampsia and other prenatal health threats, and have the most difficulty losing weight after delivery.

Weight loss is hard, and it’s especially challenging for sleep-deprived new moms who don’t have less time and energy for regular exercise.

Compounding this issue, many falsely believe that breastfeeding adds a flat 500 calories per day to mom’s metabolism. Wrong!

Newborns take in a lot less milk than older babies. Then as baby transition to solids, milk intake slows declines. The Perfect Pregnancy and Postpartum Pounds App is the only metabolic calculator that adjusts for this important variable. Other programs without this level of precision can leave you unable to lose those last 10 pounds or more.

Take control of your prenatal health – no matter your weight or fitness level – and ensure the best start for your baby. Have a joyful, stress-free pregnancy, and get back into your pre-pregnancy clothing quickly, by optimizing your prenatal weight gain.

The Perfect Pregnancy and Postpartum App
– an absolute must-have for all expecting moms!